Friday, April 10, 2009

Not really visiting a friend

Several businesses in Snellville have been burglarized lately. Police believed that the burglaries were being done by the same person, due to similarities in burglaries in surrounding areas.

Snellville Police received a tip that the criminal might be heading toward Snellville and that the perpetrator might have a black pick-up truck, based on information from burglaries earlier the same day in Loganville.

A Snellville Police officer noticed a black pick-up truck leaving a shopping center off of US78 near N Crestview. A tanning shop and a golf store had been burglarized. The officer followed the vehicle, which turned into the driveway of a residence on North Crestview Road.

The suspect pretended that he was going there to visit a friend, but then admitted he was lying after the officer noted the presence of bits of safety glass on the suspect and his pick up truck. (D'oh!) The suspect was arrested.

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