Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Almost deadly domestic dispute

In late March, 2009, Snellville police had a report of a person who threatening to commit suicide. It's not clear whether it was the husband or the wife who was threatening suicide in this domestic dispute.

The police arrived at the residence, finding the wife outside the house. The police helped the woman, but the man was still inside the house and wanted the police officers to go to the back door of the residence for some reason.

The police went toward the back yard, and the man set his dogs on the officers. The officers could see that the man had a shotgun near his back door. The police went back to the front of the residence.

The police ordered the man to show them his hands. He raised his arms up and officers could see the man had a semi-automatic pistol tucked in his pants. The man was clearly intending to kill the officers. The man was arrested.

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