Monday, April 20, 2009

Suburbs ideal for drug traffickers

Atlanta burbs have amenities for drug traffickers
The Associated Press
"This county's awash in drugs," said Gwinnett County Assistant District Attorney Keith Miles. The placid nature of Gwinnett County and other nearby counties ...
..."In suburban Atlanta, Mexican drug trafficking organizations generally rent nondescript houses in middle-class neighborhoods in suburbs like Lilburn. They often have one house for storing and processing drugs, one house for storing and processing money and a third for conducting transactions, so when an arrest happens at one house, they don't lose everything, Porter said.

...."But Miles said he thinks the violence is already increasing and cited about a dozen unsolved homicides in Gwinnett County that he believes are drug related. He cited a case in which two men apparently shot each other to death in a house where a money counter was found. As busts net increasingly large amounts of drugs and cash, he said, law enforcement officers are also finding more and bigger guns.

"You don't have shootouts in the street, but who's to say that's not coming? I think it is," Miles said. "I see it getting worse before it gets better."

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