Monday, May 4, 2009

Murder of Kay Wenal

It's been about a year since Eva Kay Wenal, age 60, was found murdered in her Duluth, Georgia home - brutally stabbed to death. I've been following the details of this case over the past year in MySnellvilleBlog.

Hal Wenal, age 72 at the time, found his wife's body on the first floor of the home on Sugar Lake Court. There was a large amount of blood on the body. Hal Wenal ran to the neighbor's house and had them call police.

Later in the month, a $100,000 reward was established by Kay Wenal's 72 year old husband, who said that Kay was his life. They had known each other for 30 years and been married for 20 years. In March, 2009, Hal Wenal increased the reward to $250,000. Leads have virtually dried up, and Hal Wenal, a prominent shopping center developer, is now considering hiring a private detective.

The morning of the murder, Kay Wenal told her husband that she didn't feel well. Her husband urged her to stay home and rest. Pillows were found stacked at one end of the sofa, and a book she had been reading was found face down on the coffee table to hold her place until she returned to it. Some food was left out on the counter top in the kitchen - probably meant to be her lunch. Her wallet and purse were found on a counter top very close to where her body was found. Police say the murder most likely occurred between 1:00 pm and 3:30 pm. There is no definite way to determine exact time of death.

Eva Kay Wenal was stabbed to death, according to a family friend. Police have said that whoever came to the door attacked immediately. Police have said that they feel that the person who killed Kay Wenal knew her and knew her habits, because there were 'some elements of overkill' in the murder. When a murder goes way beyond what is needed to kill someone, it usually indicates there is extreme hatred as motive.
For more info: Anyone who has any information on this crime is urged to contact the Gwinnett County Police Department at 770-513-5390.

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