Thursday, August 27, 2009

Restaurant magician accused of innappropriate touching

UPDATE: This man has been cleared of any crime. LINK

The incident allegedly happened Aug. 13 in the bathroom of Nagoya Restaurant on Rosebud Road in Loganville.
Gwinnett Magician Accused Of Inappropriate Act

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  1. First of all I do support in getting Child Molestators out of the street, I have two children of my own, but I truely believe that this one has been wrongly accused. I am a regular at the resturant and I am sure any of the other regulars would disagree with this story also.

    If you have met this person you would have every doubt in your mind that he is a "child molester" - he doesn't fit the profile

    The mother waited 1-2 weeks to actually report this issue to the authority. With this time she can train the child to say whatever she wanted him to say. At 3 yrs old you listen to your parents and they have a great influence on you.

    Who in the hell in their right mind would let a 3 YEARS CHILD, let me repeat that, 3 YEARS OLD CHILD!!! wander off by himself?? There are molesters out there! That shows that SHE was an IRRESPONSIBLE mother.

    Mother's do not let their child at 3 yrs go into the bathroom by theirselves, a "responsible" mother would bring their child to the ladies room where they can be supervised. Even if that she would not walk into the men's room, she would ask a male bystander to check on him.

    If you saw a child in trouble/crying you would try to help without thinking of that their mother might be a scumbag and try to get some money out of you.-- yea she's planning on sueing him for money.

    Ming is a good man that works hard. He is a grandfather himself, name one grandpa that you know of that did not love kids???