Thursday, October 15, 2009

Man reports $15K stolen from his car in Suwanee

The man left money from his business in a leather bag in the back seat of his car, he said, while he went back into his garage for a second bottle of water. As he returned to the car, he said he saw an individual running away from his car with the bag of money. He described the man as "Hispanic" looking.

This reminds me of the man who was stabbed in Snellville just about this time last year. Remember that one? Here it is if you want to contrast/compare. The guy stabbed himself so he could keep his business funds. In that case, the guy blamed it on a mysterious black man. In the Suwanee case, it's a Hispanic man.

Well, maybe a Hispanic-looking man did take the money. I'm sure police investigators will get to the heart of this, but here are the similarities.
  • Both business owners
  • Both probably followed or claim to be followed
  • Large amount of cash involved
  • Perpetrators described as minorities
I suppose it is possible that someone followed the man from the cell-phone store to his home, so the individual knew there was a large amount of money. If so, then the cell-phone store owner was lucky it went down as it did. If he had taken the money inside the home, then the store owner would have likely been attacked.

$15K reported stolen from car

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