Thursday, November 19, 2009

Neighbor fail

A Snellville Police officer responded to a burglary call on Poplar Street. An older man would not be returning to his residence due to medical problems, so his family had arrived to prepare the residence for occupation by another family member.

The man's daughter saw a neighbor outside and went to ask him if he had observed anything happening at the house. She called out to the neighbor, who pretended that he couldn’t hear her. The neighbor knocked over a child’s toy onto an object in the backyard of his residence in an effort to hide it. From the street, the woman could tell that the object appeared to be property taken from her father’s house.

A police sargeant and detective obtained a search warrant for the neighor's house and were able to recover all the items taken in the burglary. Officers arrested the suspect and charged him with the burglary.

Also on Poplar Street -

Three officers
responded to a possible burglary in progress call on Poplar Street. They located 4 juveniles inside a residence and they had no authority to be there. They charged the four youths with burglary and skipping school and returned them to school authorities.

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