Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Woman aquitted in stabbing death of husband

The update on this case is that the woman has been acquitted of the murder of her husband. I think the defense attorney's assertion that the guy stabbed himself was laughable. From what I read previously, the forensic information showed that the stab wounds weren't consistent with someone stabbing himself and that the angle of entry of the knife into his body didn't click with a self-inflicted knife wound.

The woman, Laurie Alexander of Lawrenceville, found out her husband had been cheating on her, and after reading several damning text messages, she took 2 Xanax pills so she could sleep. So, they claimed, she didn't remember anything of the previous night. Are we not guilty just because we don't remember stuff?!?

Well, I am just really surprised this morning, but then again, I wasn't on the jury, and I don't have all the facts as presented to the jury. But wow, just remember that lady's defense attorney's name (Jeff Sliz) in case you ever need him. He can sure pull a rabbit out of a hat in any situation. Here is the link about the acquittal.

Was the defense really good or was the prosecution lacking?

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