Thursday, April 15, 2010

Robberies in Snellville

Snellville Police investigated several robbery complaints in the past month. At Snellville Blimpie’s, a black male entered, showed a restaurant employee a weapon and demanded money from the register. A very polite robber, he apologized to the employee & told him to go into the back and wait. The man fled the scene. He is the same person that robbed Odin’s Comics on McGee Road in Snellville and 4 other locations in the county. Snellville Police continue to investigate. [click here to see picture of perpetrator]

The second occurred at a convenience store. Two men placed a carton of cigarettes on the counter. When the clerk requested payment, one man grabbed the carton and both fled the scene.

Another incident involved an 11 year-old snatching a necklace from a 9 year-old. This case was cleared.

A man reported that he was approached on Brookhill Way in Snellville by a man who beat him and robbed him. Police investigation revealed that the incident occurred at the Waffle House and it turned out to be continuation of a fight over a busted drug deal, so no real robbery occurred.

Finally, a student snatched a cell phone from another student as they walked home from South Gwinnett. The cell phone snatching case has been cleared also.

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