Thursday, May 13, 2010

Snellville man accused of forging narcotic prescriptions

Michael Briscoe of Snell's Pharmacy on Oak Road in Snellville was tipped off by a narcotics inspector, watched for the suspected pair, and took action by contacting law enforcement.

Cops: Man allegedly forged prescriptions for oxycodone
SNELLVILLE — A 22-year-old who had repeatedly forged prescriptions for the painkiller oxycodone since November was booked into Gwinnett County jail Monday, ...

Robert John Fick of Smyrna began passing false prescriptions at Snell’s Pharmacy on Oak Road in Snellville on Nov. 23 of last year, a pharmacy employee told police. Monday evening, the employee was able to reach police while Fick and his alleged accomplice, 27-year-old Willie Cunningham, were at the pharmacy trying to fill prescriptions.


  1. we love you bob. this is bullshit!!!!!

  2. Accused and arrested doesn't always mean guilty. Innocent until proven guilty is our motto here.