Monday, May 24, 2010

Teacher accused of nasty photos of students

There's something iffy about this report. It seems more like an ex-wife's retribution than a normal news story. I find it hard to believe that Gwinnett County Schools and Gwinnett County Police did nothing about this. Maybe the ex-wife didn't go through the proper procedures to report it.

Something is very off about this. Even the way it's written is strange to me. Wonder if the reporter is best friends with the man's ex-wife. Is the ex-wife going through a custody fight witht he man? But if they do have these 8,000 indecent pictures, and there's no reasonable explanation (and why would there be?) go after the perv. I'm not making excuses if this has actually happened. There's also the possibility that the police appear to not have taken any action, but maybe they have - maybe they were conducting investigation to get more solid evidence. I'm just saying this is possible.

They call him an 'instructor,' don't say which Gwinnett County Schools are involved - I guess he goes to multiple schools. Very vague report - and perhaps they are still working on the content. It's like WGCL to do poor reporting, which is so sad. I remember when it was WGNX News at Ten, and that was quality reporting...but now it's really high school newspaper level reporting, if that.

Instructor Accused Of Taking Lewd Pictures Of Students
WGCL Atlanta
GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. -- CBS Atlanta News is exposing a local school instructor, accused of taking thousands of lewd photos of his students. ...

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