Friday, August 28, 2009

Mother in law named main suspect in Strube murder

This report says that Joanna Hayes took a Voice Layered Analysis and the results of the test showed Hayes was telling the truth about her activities the day Heather Strube was murdered.

The man who conducted the test says it's more accurate than a polygraph test. I've never heard of a Voice Layered Analysis, have you?

Snellville Police have said that they are waiting for data to come back from materials sent to the GBI for analysis.

Definitely everyone is innocent until proven guilty, so let's leave the family alone, try to be patient, and let the police do their job.

Target Shooting
Prime Suspect Named in Target Shooting
MyFox Atlanta - Atlanta,GA,USA
A detective said police had been slowly closing in on Joanna Hayes for three months. Hayes' son was going through a divorce and custody battle with Strube ...

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