Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Heather Strube's estranged husband Steven in jail

Steven Strube Jr. had a 1996 arrest on a theft by receiving charge. He failed to update his address to authorities as required by law, so he has been jailed for parole violation.

Heather Allen Strube was Steven Strube's estranged wife. If you recall, the young mother was gunned down in the Target parking lot in Snellville in April 2009.

Heather Strube's parents, Henry H. Allen III and Mary Caroline Allen don't want to discuss their former son in law or his family with the media, but they have filed for custody of their young grandson, Carson.

Target Shooting Investigation
Murder Victim's Estranged Husband
MyFox Atlanta - Atlanta,GA,USA
Steven Strube was told he would have to remain behind bars. Strube was in court for a probation violation. In 2006, Strube pleaded guilty to theft by ...

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