Saturday, September 26, 2009

Absence of nuts sends man into rage

In Suwanee, a family was eating dinner when the husband complained that there were no almonds on his salad. He strongly felt that almonds would make the salad taste better.

The argument between husband and wife escalated. The man allegedly threatened his wife with a knife, which scared her and led to a scuffle on a couch.

When police questioned the 39-year-old man, his version of events didn't match that of the wife. He said he didn't know why his wife got so angry about the almonds. He claimed his wife attacked him.

When questioned about a scratch on his neck, the man said he got it from moving furniture earlier that day. The children of the couple backed up the mother's version of events.

It's sad that the children had to witness this. We all know it wasn't really about almonds on the salad.

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