Saturday, September 26, 2009

Little girl's body found in attic - mom arrested at Mexican border

On June 20, 2008, the body of little Prisi Vasquez, only 3-1/2-years-old, was found in the attic of a house on Stillwater Drive in Lawrenceville, GA.

Police said the body was found after a male relative of the woman tipped off Gwinnett County Police and shared that he had talked to the little girl's mother, Amy Yesenia Ruiz, by phone from her location in Mexico.
The man said that the woman told him that one of her children had died of natural causes, and her husband, Christian Vasquez, had hidden the body in a Lawrenceville house before they left for Mexico with their two other children in April of 2007.

The informant said he urged the woman to return to Georgia. Ruiz told the relative that they could not return because they did not have legal custody of the other two children and that would cause trouble for them.
An autopsy determined that the death was a homicide, and that little Prisi was killed by a blow to her head.

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Prisi's father, Christian Vasquez, age 23. Vasquez is believed to be in Mexico.
Amy Yesenia Ruiz, 21, walked into the border entry area of the Gateway International Bridge earlier this week, when Customs and Border Protection officers discovered two arrest warrants were pending against her in the Atlanta area.

The Customs and Border Patrol Database led to her arrest.
Ruiz's mother and uncle say Amy Ruiz is yet another victim of Vasquez. They say that Vasquez killed Prisi while Ruiz was out of the house. Ruiz's mother says that when Ruiz returned home, she found her child already dead. She tried to call 911 for help, but that Vasquez grabbed the phone out of her hand and threatened her. From that time, they say Ruiz was like a captive of Vasquez.

Ruiz's mother, Maria Marquez, told the Brownsville TX newspaper that Vasquez kidnapped Ruiz and took her to Mexico soon after he killed Prisi in 2007.
Ruiz faces charges of cruelty to children (for failure to obtain adequate medical care) and concealment of the death of a child.

The woman was turned over to the Sheriff's Department in Cameron County, TX, She is being held at the Carrizalez-Rucker Detention Center, awaiting extradition to Gwinnett County. It will be up to investigators to figure out what really happened.

As for little Prisi? She was interred in an infant grave in the White Chapel Memorial Gardens in Duluth in July of 2008, after being hidden in an attic for 18 months. The actual date of her death is unknown.

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