Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Violent robbery attempt Parkview Forest 9-24-09

This is from an email that's been circulating. I removed the victim's name and house number. I'm sure the people who originally distributed this and the people who shared it with friends were probably well-meaning, but imagine if you were attacked like this, and your full name and address were circulated on the Internet! Not a good idea to broadcast the victim's information!
Keep in mind this is just from an email that's been going around, I don't have a police report or anything else to back this information up

Subject: Violent Robbery Attempt in Parkview Forest Today

If any of you saw (or not) the 8 police cars in our neighborhood today,
the details are:

[A woman of] Forest View Lane, was attacked today by 2 armed black
men (not teens) in a robbery attempt. Around 1:30 pm today, 9/24/09,
[she] went outside to her car through her garage, was hit on the head
with the butt of a gun by the 2 men. They demanded to know where the money
and valuables were. When she told them there wasn't any, they proceeded to
punch and slap her several times and then put her in a closet inside her
house. The robbers went upstairs searching for something to steal; very
bravely, [she] came out of the closet and ran across to a neighbor's
home and the police were called. [She] said the police were here within
5-10 minutes. The suspects were gone and the police had their helicopter
overhead looking for them. The suspects told [the victim] that they knew her
husband and her daughter (who is a student at PHS) [Parkview High School] and they "knew" that money was kept in the house. The suspects were not masked. [The victim] is
physically okay, but the suspects escaped with her keys. [The victim] probably
saved her own life and that of her family. Only God knows what could
have happened.

Please note that I am sending this to all owners that are on my email
address list. I encourage each of you to do the same.

Please remind our neighbors to keep their garage closed when you are NOT
outside and to be alert. Report any suspicious activity to the police.
Stay safe and alert! These are desperate times.

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