Friday, February 12, 2010

Identity thieves need bedding too

So, this answers our questions about how these people sleep at night. On a mattress, paid for with someone else's credit/identity. But not this guy - he's now sleeping on a jail mattress.

Snellville Police News
From Snellville January Monthly Report:

An officer with Homeland Security contacted us advising that someone had stolen his identity and had been using it to open credit accounts all over the country for the past five years. The officer received notification that a credit card in his name was used to purchase a mattress in Snellville.

We contacted the mattress store and learned that the man was coming the next day to pick up the mattress. Our officers placed the parking lot under surveillance and one investigator posed as a salesperson. Our investigator spoke with the man and told him to drive to the rear of the store and the mattress would be loaded. Officers took him into custody without incident.

Officers located several other forms of identification for many victims inside the perpetrator’s truck. During the interview, he confessed to using the same identity in Texas and other locations. Numerous charges are pending and the Secret Service has been notified.

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